Friday, July 22, 2011

Nirvana - Nevermind: Do not go yet, there's more

Given that you have been many who have welcomed with some warmth the compilation tribute to Nirvana and Nevermind earlier this week that put us on a platter Spin magazine, ye shall have seguramante some left wanting more. Especially wanting more cane, judging by what everyone is talking about it. As if that's the case, do not worry, no two without three, and a year like this, where a record that marked a milestone in the history of music in general and rock in particular fulfill its 20 anniversary, with the death of lead singer of the same in the way, you would think we would not have just the reissue thereof, and a free tribute released through a magazine, right? Because if that's what you think, are not well designed: there's more.

In the meantime, we honor and a second compilation, this titled Come As You Are: A 20th Anniversary Tribute To Nirvana, produced by Jim Sampas, who has worked on other tribute albums, and will be in the street from October 11 to re-imagine and through Music. And for all you said earlier that the tracklist was somewhat unknown, here's the new, to see if this leaves you more satisfied, and do not worry, they keep me around for a while Nirvana and Nevermind.

01. Brent DeBoer and Courtney Taylor-Taylor (of The Dandy Warhols) - Smells Like Teen Spirit 02. mewithoutYou - In Bloom 03. Civil Twilight - Come As You Are 04. Story Of The Year - Breed 05. Hawthorne Heights - Lithium 06. Finger Eleven - Polly 07. Will Dailey - Territorial P ***** gs 08. Maps and Atlases - Drain You 09. Murder By Death - Lounge Act 10. Pitty - Stay Away 11. The Album Leaf - On A Plain 12. Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Something In The Way 13. Anthony Raneri (of Bayside) - About A Girl

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