Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ke $ ha debuts in Brazil with an extra night concert at the Rock in Rio

Kesha Rose Sebert, known as Ke $ ha, first performed in Brazil in the extra night of Rock in Rio festival, which will take place on September 29, organizing the event reported today. According to a statement, Ke $ ha, which shares the bill tonight with Stevie Wonder and the band Jamiroquai, will present the topics in his two musical "Animal" and "Cannibal", and delight audiences with their first single "Tik Tok , "a song that catapulted her to fame and was voted best song of last year by the publication Billboard Magazine.

Born in Los Angeles, Ke $ ha, which some dub "the wild pop", characterized by rapping about pop and electronic databases. Known for the boldness of his clothing and his lyrics controversy, managed to sell two million copies of her debut album. In addition, last year during his first international tour, "Get Sleazy", managed to exhaust all the entries.

Rock in Rio is generating great excitement in Brazil as this year returns to Rio de Janeiro, the city of his birth, after a decade, which has been held in Madrid and Lisbon. In addition to dozens of Brazilian artists, stars Rihanna, Shakira and Elton John and the band Evanescence, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Metallica and Coldplay are among the attractions of this edition.

The festival runs on weekends from 23 to September 25 and 30 of this month to October 2 in the "City of Rock."

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