Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beyoncé live with The Roots: much power for a single very weak

Beyoncé live sweeps. While his records are not exactly my cup of tea and I firmly believe that one side could sacársele much more interesting, it is undisputed that when he gets on stage becomes a veritable cyclone exhibits a remarkable vocal talent and stage presence overwhelming. His last has made an exceptional company, The Roots, which is now the resident band on the agenda of Jimmy Fallon, who came Beyoncé to sing live and make a small step interview.

The theme, as you can imagine, is their new single, 'Best Thing I Never Had', an important flojez when compared to its predecessor, 'Run The World (Girls)', much more powerful and aggressive. The Roots make a small change in the arrangements slightly improves the set, and it shows the carrerón that lead back, but the dazzling, again, is Beyoncé.

Without too much fuss, with the most bland song but which gives a significant force only in live performances, Knowles shows that it is an animal of the tables and is forgiven by the work study which then makes them Live.

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