Friday, July 15, 2011

James Morrison: "Slave To The Music" before her new album 2011

James Morrison announces the arrival of his new album "The Awakening" with a new single, the song "Slave To The Music". He who has been a great success with the title "Broken Strings" with the participation of the beautiful Nelly Furtado in 2008, will return Sept. 26, 2011 with new compositions and collaborations.

James Morrison announced his album last May. This new album called "The Awakening", will be released in our record stores September 26, 2011 as announced on its official website. This album is preceded by the discovery of a first title, the refreshing "Slave To The Music". In the official announcement of his album, James Morrison seems to show some satisfaction about the results of his musical compositions, and also indicates that the singer Jessie J is one of the guests of "The Awakening".

Otherwise next musical production, James Morrisson, surrounded himself with famous musicians such as Bernard Butler, the guitarist of Suede English, who also works with singer Duffy. Artistically, James Morrison also stated that his album will include more pop and lovely ballads. James Morrison released his first album "Undiscovered," in 2006, powered by the excellent single "You Give Me Something".

In 2008, his album, "Songs For You, Truth For Me", was released but does not know the same success but without relying on the hit with Nelly Furtado "Broken Strings". In 2011, James Morrison looks forward to bring a new spirit in his career and we offer a nice album "The Awakening".

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