Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Europe: a new album in 2012

The group is preparing to return to Europe to make a new studio album with famed rock producer Kevin Shriley. The Swedish group, known worldwide for his hit of 1986, "The Final Countdown" and beautiful ballads like "Carry" in 1987, is preparing to return to the front of the music scene with one of the geniuses of Rock, Kevin Shriley.

Kevin Shriley is a music producer who has worked with greats like The Journey, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin or Mr Big. Nicknamed "The Caveman", the pillar of the music is an influential figure in the international rock scene. In announcing the new album by the group Europe, singer Joey Tempest, said: "We still feel we know make music and Kevin is the man for the job, we like his work and we are ready.

"Since the 80s, the group moves on Europe but never managed to reproduce his musical breakthrough to general public in 1986. Their latest album, "Last Look At Eden," has made a timid appearance in our region when it was published in 2009. To boost their international career, because the group still has a loyal following in Sweden, Europe has the means of its new ambitions in 2011 ..

In view of this new album, Kevin Shriley said: "I was a big fan of the group's work for many years, Europe is underestimated, yet very influential, I promise you an explosive album." The registration of this ninth studio album will begin October 2, 2011 in Stockholm. The release date is scheduled in April 2012.

Until this new album, the band's fans will enjoy Europe with the release of a DVD "Europe: Live At Shepherd's Bush" with a bonus unreleased song, "Doghouse."

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