Friday, July 29, 2011

Melanie C: "Think About It" announces the album "The Sea" in 2011

After four years of absence from the music scene, the English singer Melanie C, former Spice Girl, has announced on its official website the arrival of his new studio album "The Sea" planned for this fall 2011 and reveals the song "Think About It, "available for pre-order now on digital platforms. "The Sea" is the fifth studio album by Melanie C product on his own label "Red Girl Records." This new album marks the return of Melanie C solo after the Spice Girl reunion group.

The first single from "The Sea" is the song "Think About It" to be released September 4, 2011. Another song on the album was revealed this summer, "Rock Me", published in Germany in June and has shown the world cup 2011 women's football. July 15 is the last album "Think About It" was sent to the British media were quick to spread the song.

Part of this new album, the single "Think About It" is a fee for its Melanie C. We find all the ingredients to make this as a future hit. A melody with vocals that are very present verses. "Think About It" will be published in France and the rest of Europe from the September 4, 2011. The song "Think About It" was written by Adam Argyle and the production team Cutfather.

Although the name suggests you Cutfather little, the Danish producers are responsible for global hits like the tube in 1996 Mark Morrison "Return Of The Mack." For many years, they have flooded the whole of Europe from their pop productions. Ace Of Base, All Saints, Atomic Kitten, Blue, or Jamelia have used their services for their expertise, as Melanie C today for his new album "The Sea".

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