Friday, July 22, 2011

Lady Gaga: "You and I" in the new single?

Lady Gaga is currently undergoing reflection on the new single that should be taken from his album "Born This Way." After consulting with his "monsters" on the Internet, Lady Gaga seems to be moving on a change of musical style and is preparing to launch the single "You And I" was added to the list of songs from his second album.

After the singles "Born This Way," "Judas" and "Edge Of Glory", title resolutely pop-dance, Lady Gaga seems to be moving towards the exit as a single of the song "You And I". This new song marks a change in strategy because the title is more rock compared to previous singles. For "You And I", Lady Gaga change production, puts aside the hit-maker RedOne, and appeals to music producer Robert Lange, known for its rock productions.

Robert Lange has produced albums for artists such as AC/DC, Def Leppard, Foreigner, Bryan Adams and those of his ex-wife Shania Twain. The song "You And I" is calibrated to the U.S. market and Lady Gaga look forward to this meeting as well received on radio who just snubbed the first singles of "Born This Way." For now, no publication date but is planned as a single Lady Gaga performed the song at a charity dinner and stated in the preamble of his performance: "This song is more rock and roll and is likely to be my next single."

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