Friday, March 25, 2011

Dance music LXXXVIII

It's Friday. We started the weekend with joy because, to begin the first of the spring, and we wanted to keep it up, right? We also have all, we change to summer schedule, which always encourages begins Formula 1 world, to see if this year we took him, there is also desire, and how mandated fees, we have music, dance, that's what hits the weekend, so let's take a look at the actuality of the week.

We started with a mash-up that one of our readers recommended as a result of our versions and remixes of last week, which were dedicated to Adele and Rolling In The Deepcon remixes of Jamie XX and Villa. Give the video and do not be fooled, not the original video is also a more-up to DJ Y Alias JY created to illustrate his creaciónExtreme Ways In The Deep, which for the title and you can deduce that is a sum of the Extreme Ways by Moby track and Adele.

What they could do the "experts" if a fan is capable of this, right? http://www. noctamina. com/otros-estilos/tron-legacy-r3c0nf1gur3d-busy-p-se-mosquea-con-disney Tell them that this week has been very "French" in the pages of Noctamina and we have been thronging the country provinientes news governed by Sarkozy.

We began with statements by Busy P aka Pedro Winter, who as you know has always been very close to all movements related to Daft Punk. On this occasion said that it was far agree that Disney has denied any involvement with the duo's selection of topics for the album of remixes of the soundtrack to Tron, and it was a crime that issues like this The Son Of Flynn, remixed by Belgian Goose stay out of R3c0nfigur3d tracklist.

And not without reason. On the other hand, related to Daft Punk, but in a more "family", this week we have interviewed Noctamina The Third Twin, cutting through some of the polemics surrounding the duo. And I can confirm that this is Yvan and Virgill De Homem-Christo, Guy Manuel's nephews, who are of French origin, although his mother is Andorra, which is why we live there next.

But for all the s who are interested in going into details on this promising project, the better you read the interview. Along with France, we have also had occasion to know the new song of Martin Solveig, Ready 2 Go, which is accompanied by Kele Okereke. Her video, which is not exactly what you have on these lines will be recorded next Tuesday at halftime of the soccer friendly match against Croatia will face France, and will continue the story that began with Hello.

And we will show the result when it opens in early April, to see what they have to tell Solveig and his manager on this occasion. And the other French for which we had a hole in Noctamina has been SebastiAn, another of the "darlings" of Ed Banger, who is about to release debut album with the title of Total.

opening for us to go forward to the album, SebastiAn us forward with this excellent Embody, which has the French electronic spirit but with enough personality to distinguish yourself from it, and also a great video, directed by So Me. And we leave France to go to the other side of the world, the south, to Cape Town to Die Antwoord (answer in Afrikaans).

As you know, these kids will rebel at this year's Sonar music featuring his irreverent, but first wanted to jump into the world of short films with this Umshini Wam fesitval presenting at SXSW. All a "asustaviejas" go. And now we leave you a story about one of the most important electronic bands ever, Depeche Mode.

Remember that in 2004 launched a remix compilation titled Remixes: 81-04, right? However, Gahan and his family have decided they must have a second part, which will be released on June 6 titled Remixes 2: 81-11. Again travel throughout the band's career in the view that artists had in their day and who have now specifically for this new edition.

To say that there are 2 formats, one single and one triple, so that more collectors are well satisfied. As for other news, we have for example a Burial, which appears launched following the publication last week of Mirror - Ego, the excellent 12 "with Thom Yorke and Four Tet. Now going solo, but again offers a 12 "that will contain 3 tracks: Street Halo ep's title, NYC and Stolen Dog.

It's okay to continue giving us samples of his genius when it comes to produce, what we are eternally grateful. From Great Britain comes also new James Zabiela, who had been a long time in silence. Blame is their new single, key in progressive house, published alongside remixes by Robert Babicz and Robert Budden, a hallmark of Nick Warren, Hope.

It's nice to see what unfolds Zabiela equally well houseros terrain in the darkest of techno. And again Surgeon, although the techno British surgeon does in long form after more than 10 years without "practice." Breaking The Frame will be with an album that we have the tracklist but there is still no exact date or cover.

Still, it remains a great news. Both like the compilation that we offer Ministry Of Sound, with Dan as a DJ and selector Ghenacia. A record that, as its name, Sound Of The City, says he wants to show the sound of a particular city. The first installment will focus on the Paris of the 90, and the tracklist and says it will be an indispensable disc.

In another we have a completely different style Axwell, 33 percent of Swedish House Mafia, that on April 4 will set a new single after more than one year without releasing anything solo. Heart Is will be King, and we have this sample of 2 ½ minutes in which he tells us where the shots go.

Perhaps you, like me, you remember in some way and saving the apparent distance, the Pet Shop Boys for the first time. Let's see which offers the full track, but from now, it looks pretty good. The latest news of the week is more "domestic" and that comes from the hand of Madrid Oscar Mulero, who not long ago we mentioned the launch of a first album under his own name, Green Fades To Grey, and now Just a few weeks later we are talking of a new ep: Horses.

On sale since Monday, is composed of three themes that show us that Mulero still as fit as ever. And speaking of awards, last week we knew the list of IDMA (International Dance Music Awards) a year we had controversy. We assume that is a commercial list, mostly because it is produced from votes and nominations from the public, but that of Yolanda Be Cool and We Do not Speak American with a prize, and is in the category of reggaeton ( ¿?!) we can not really understand, really.

As for festivals, on the one hand, we had earlier this week logic SonarSound news that Tokyo was not a very clear conclusion, although a couple of days, the organization confirmed this conclusion with the artists and dates originally planned, always and when risk is not rectified to the attendees, and that part of the collection of Sonar in Spain will go to the Japan Red Cross.

Both measures worthy of applause. As the poster of the Arenal Sound, which seems to improve every day. If we had confirmed to The Third Twin, from the outset, this week were added Orbital, Calvin Harris, Tiga and Rinôçérôse. Seem to come prepared to satisfy everyone. And for spinning the home stretch of our dance music, this week we made room for a classic such as the Higher State Of Consciousness by Josh Wink.

One issue that was a twist to the acid-house and approached the general public, making everything in selling, particularly in the UK. And in our Sunday section devoted to the best djs sessions, we had Agoria this time, proving he is one of the most popular and acclaimed DJs and producers of the moment.

You can see for yourselves. And that's it for this week. I bid you farewell until the next, but first remind you that even if you have no plan for this weekend, we at last it's Friday you can lend a hand with that, and if you want a relaxing drink before going out and good company, do not fail to try our cocktail of the week, the Manhattan.

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