Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Strokes video for 'Call Me Back': a round pot of Albert Hammond Jr. to drive baladón

Angles is about whether or not the disk you'd expect from The Strokes do not think we will ever reach agreement. Maybe the problem is that inevitably we compare it with Is This It and you know that comparisons are odious. It is much easier to agree that 'Call Me Back' is the worst of the ten new songs.

Yes, no? So why did a video for her less than a month after the release of their single official? It would have to ask them, I still think that is a big mistake. The funny thing is that the video for this ballad, at least I do not say anything, has made himself Albert Hammond Jr. home plan with four filters that simulate a sequence of metal figures and a girl who is caught a good suck.

As a pitcher of cold water. Actually I am surprised that a group to match them in this world that seems all the promotion is calculated to the millimeter, can afford these licenses. A whim?

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