Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mana: "Download songs is like pulling sheets to a book

Recent times have been hard Fher, lead singer of Maná. Within a month and a half killed her mom and sister. Decided to take refuge in music. The pain-hope-is also one of the pillars of the new album from Mexico's most famous band. Its four members were on Tuesday at Casa de America in Madrid. To bad weather, songs ...

Yes There were problems in the process of composition, but had to move on: the music is healing. We wanted this record, but we wanted to do with tranquility. Music is healing Is it worth it so calmly with the few discs that are sold today? Always worthwhile. It is true that love is to fight sold more in digital than in CD.

There is a world with which we fought, but is a bit ... cold. We do not like our albums are ruined. Download songs is like pulling sheets in a workbook. It would be like before you went to a store, I listened to the disc and the entire purchase. In addition, there is a whole generation that has lost hearing because of the poor quality of the mp3.

Mana has always been characterized by often include social issues in their lyrics, though without entering too controversial topics ... Maná has done well in that aspect. You can report things that concern you, but in our case has been more informative, not political. Politics is very social.

We can not fix the problems in our country or anywhere else in the world. When on the summit, there are also strong criticism. Do they affect? It's normal. You can not like everybody. But one thing to criticize and another to go with evil intentions. If we had worried about what they say about us in Mexico, probably would not have left or Guadalajara (laughs).

In any case, they are a minority compared to the millions of fans. One such criticism is that records from Maná always sound the same ... Mana is always going to sound like Maná. But is not true that all our records sound alike. It has nothing to do Stuck in a bar with a river I cried all now Rain or heart.

Also, look at a band like AC / DC, all their albums sound the same, and neither they nor the fans care. Not so Mana: each disc is different. It is incredible that all of our albums sound the same What are the unfinished business of Mana? There are many. There are markets where we have never gone to play like England, Canada, Asia ...

Is it difficult to succeed given Latin-based music to the American? Yes it is. But we are comfortable with this role. We did not get to be so pretentious as it sounds. We have this need to expand. We like to carry the flag of Latin American music than trying to globalize our music and more zeros.

Already many years together. Looking back, what was left of his career? Each album marks a stage in your life. Is a bit like children: you love them all equally. It is true that we look back in time and phases in which we were finding our own identity. But we have always been an honest band.

What is the secret to keeping intact the formation of the band? There are a lot of respect and affection between us. But what really keeps us together is the desire to continue making music. Formed in the city of Guadalajara (Mexico) in 1978. They have sold over 22 million albums worldwide.

Drama and Light is the eighth of his career.

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