Friday, March 25, 2011

The Naked And Famous "Young Blood" presents "to me Passive, Aggressive You"

Since March 14 last, many of you plebiscite first album the band The Naked And Famous. Already presented in our musical selections, The Naked And Famous is a rock band that comes from New Zealand. To show us their album "I Passive, Aggressive You," the group offers the single "Young Blood," whose melody you may have already intrigued.

Since the launch of their first single "Young Blood", The Naked And Famous toured the world with his music. The group is composed of five members. The Naked And Famous is one of the musical galaxy groups or MGMT Passion Pit. The Naked And Famous is a blend of synths, heavy bass and a simple rhythm and melody that sets ordered.

Their debut album "Passive myself, Aggressive You" is an example. Just before the release of their first album, March 14, 2011, the band The Naked And Famous proposed four remixes of the title "Young Blood" and "Does Being Famous Nudes Offend" especially made with the hip-hop of Philadelphia Chiddy Bang.

Music by The Naked And Famous is a great success. As proof, the fame of their first single "Young Blood" which was used as a soundtrack in a series of American television as Gossip Girl. So if you enjoy the mix of scholars and indie dance pop tart, go on radio to discover the title "Young Blood."

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