Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rage concert in Gijón (Sala Albéniz, 03/19/2011): absolute connection between audience and band

Concert inflation is common at least in Gijón and there are days that match several concerts that I like to go, but the gift of ubiquity nor possess. All this comes up because on Friday March 19 concert coincided with the Board Igor Paskual Acapulco with Rage in the Sala Albéniz, and weighing stayed with the German band mostly because the guitarist will return here by Loquillo in summer.

I did not see the band Rage guest, the quartet Central Seven, the Czechs as Larry WarCry Runner, but all who saw them agreed that it was worth its debut in Spain with The Seven Years Of Seven. Rage is good press in this country, but I think nobody mentioned when talking about his five favorite bands, and although they go almost every year on tour in Spain, Asturias your last visit was six years ago as head of poster Spill Rock festival, so I see the mighty trio played Germany now with another battery, Andre Hilgers, ex Axxis, following the departure of more than four seasons of the clubs Mike Terrana.

Few paste can be put to a concert impeccable but still inquisitive PA volume could have been a little lower, I will have several assistants as Dani G, DarkSun leader, or Bruno Suarez, guitarist MyStereo, which coincided with me . There was a good entry in the Sala Albéniz when the trio led by Peavy Wagner came on stage, and minutes later it was found that the connection between audience and band was complete.

Rage were having very good and those who were below answered all the winks of the singer and bassist, singing and clapping items each. Rage did not bring new album, his last studio album, Strings To The Web (Nuclear Blast, 2010), I presented last year in Spain, so these dates are merely an extension of the tour last year.

Abrieon with 'The Edge Of Darkness' on this record and I could verify that the gear of Rage, with Wagner playing that bass aguitarrado five strings sounding as if it were one's own Lemmy Kilmister, Victor Smolski making virtuoso riffs and pounding Hilgers battery with good technique, was totally lubricated.

'Soundchaser' was the first hit of the night, a theme that gave title to the album of the same title published by SPV in 2003, and the group became master of the room. The best concert for me was half forward: 'Higher Than The Sky' was the classic whose refrain was echoed to the hoarseness in karaoke plan by the audience.

The power trio, despite the strength he showed his melodic side in many passages of the night, with Peavy Wagner singing well and clear. What surprises me is that this great band has risen to the level it deserves, always being half of the table down to the first division of European metal.

The final stretch came after 'War Of The Worlds' and the only Victor Smolski, a real killer of the six strings. There we heard 'Straight To Hell', 'Down' and a particular version metalera 'Highway To Hell' by AC / DC, which was preceded by several strains of 'Painkiller', 'Smoke On The Water' or 'Paranoid' in plan tribute to the classics.

Almost ninety minutes I had satisfied except that Rage brought no merchandising, no shirt, no vinyl or CDs, or DVDs, only a set of drumsticks signed and a lecture by Victor Smolki on DVD. Oh, how little business acumen!

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