Thursday, March 31, 2011

Katy Perry feat. Kanye West video for 'ET': enemy mine

Katy Perry just can not complain about the success of public sales and has had Teenage Dream, his latest album and that was confirmed on One Of The Boys, complicated task that has been exceeded. This work, light but entertaining and unpretentious, has already given four singles that have achieved sufficient importance not to relinquish it at any time.

For me, the only worth of this quartet is just the latest. 'ET' is one of the best songs of the album achieved if one is willing to ignore the letter and is dedicated solely to enjoy the more intense side of Katy Perry, removed at this time of self-help manuals and sugar frivolity. Again, the appearance of Kanye West at the beginning and middle of the song give it a color that is appreciated and helps at times to dodge this dangerous resemblance to 'All The Things She Said' of t.

AT u. The video you have shot for the promotion has been the obvious choice and has left us some images aesthetically salvageable but at times touches bone. A good majority of the time in which focuses on the face of the singer as a supposed alien makeup, gestures which seem like an alien trying to completely take you out of what was to occur.

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