Saturday, March 26, 2011

Doctor Explosion - spoke with phrases: maturity is not at odds with the wisdom

Doctor Explosion phrases in talking to distance themselves far enough from that recorded music, jumping and singing (PIAS, 2003) and take the scorched earth tactics to Chupa Here! (Boomerang Disc-Disc Perroti, 2009). Respect to the disk until the cover seems that the band wanted to give Asturian different from the usual image, is portrayed with a fine styling, impeccable suits, red shirts, black tie and boots to match, made some dandies go.

Although knowing Jorge Muñoz-Cobo may be one of your winks quedones. The fact is that we have the penultimate reincarnation of a band that has more than two decades as a reference in the European garage rock, rock & roll would say George and continues to give us not unexpected joys that are less satisfying.

The Mieres Pablo Alvarez takes over the bass, after an absence of Ángel Kaplan, however, press the four strings on four tracks and does vocals, and meets the expectations of the band, complete Pibli González, great drummer and best singer , attention to pop choruses. They spoke out phrases of a sentence, despite the redundancy, the fifth track on the album, 'Self-Destruction', primitive garage made in Doctor Explosion, where Jorge Muñoz-Cobo seems to have inspired recordings stale Nuggets collections.

But this court is just one of the lines that the trio has scored in this latest installment, ninth if we consider Lows In The Mid Nineties - Volume One: Asturias! (Subterfuge, 1999) and do not have the anthology Totus Tuus (Subterfuge, 2004) because here we find the most imaginative Explosion.

Because the advance single, "Who wants what it was yesterday?", As I commented Jorge Muñoz-Cobo in an interview that you can read on Monday in Hypersonic, you have a flash on his album The Who's Who Sell Out; and the singer looks totally different, more relaxed, focused and providing a tone hitherto unknown.

The video that has made them Samuel Gutierrez is a tribute to The Purple Rose of Cairo. "Today once again 'is another great surprise. Doctor Explosion meets timeless pop, one hit in every rule that might sound in any radio formula and bring them to fame. Just not in their plans but just in case the next song, 'tap water' is a punk rock & roll and a rather cryptic letter, ideal for live.

In 'Liar Liar' record changed again, a beautiful theme for conciseness sixties seems to have been collected from some model of a forgotten band of the decade. And curl curl in 'Never was there', Doctor Explosion have turned to folk, but do not be alarmed that they nod comes via The Rolling Stones, Aftermath stage.

'I tell what' with that bass fuzz butt, it's almost my favorite album, and Doctor Explosion is still the best group of active European garage, heirs of Billy Childish's Milkshakes, and go beyond the and accelerated thug "I can not laugh." 'Let me go' combines garage, pop and psychedelia, and is another of the new hits, and are nine of the Asturias.

'None of you' is not garage but, loud Jorge Muñoz-Cobo shows another facet vocal in what is by far the best collection of songs from this perspective. And above give us two versions: a tribute to The Brincos in 'reborn' to do justice to the sixties band, claiming his legacy recently rescued by Munster who, incidentally, distributes the CD and LP in Spain, and closing the disc unusual review of 'Blue Monday', bold, well resolved, rockanrrolizada, with a great work of the three musicians and nothing true to the original.

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