Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Milow "You And Me (In My Pocket)" announces the album "North And South"

In 2009, Milow was the most downloaded Belgian singer in Europe. With the single "Ayo Technology" the artist hits hard. His remake of the song 50 Cent has remained for over a year in the European hits. Two years after this success, Milow returns with a new album titled "North And South ', announced for next May, and a new single" You And Me (In My Pocket).

In late 2010, singer Milow announced the release of his upcoming album with the song "Never Gonna Stop" which is never released in France. The singer of "Ayo Technologiy" offers this week a new single from his album "You And Me (In My Pocket)" to be published May 5, 2011. Everyone remembers the superb interpretation of the single 50 Cent whereby Milow scored 2009 with his albums and singles.

A success that comes with 600,000 album sales. In Belgium, Milow got the consecration with the record of awards for "Music Industry Awards with no less than eight titles. After a third album titled simply "Milow", the Belgian singer announces his return with the single "You and Me (In My Pocket).

This new song Milow us back into the world of pop-folk singer who is accompanied on guitar. With this new single, Milow announces fourth album, which already reveals the list of songs, the singer has his heart to show us very soon "live" in an upcoming European tour. Here is the tracklisting of the album "North And South" by Milow: 01.

His 02. You and Me (In My Pocket) 03. She Might She Might 04. Little in the Middle 05. Building Bridges 06. Never Gonna Stop 07. Rambo 2:34 08. California Rain 09. Move to Town 10. The Kingdom

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