Monday, March 28, 2011

Filtered Justice's new single, 'Civilization'

You probably have already seen the announcement that Adidas uses the new single of Justice as an accompaniment, because they put all the time on television. That was all the contact we have had so far with the expected return of the French to the dancefloor, but thanks to the benefits of the Internet and we can hear the full original version of 'Civilization'.

Recall that the publication of this simple is not expected until April 4, so this filter does not offer the most desirable quality, but serves to appease the monkey. The song strikes me as a bit steep, with some changes of pace that does not end up liking, but after the first minute party begins and it is difficult to resist.

We still know more about the new album that will come after this single theory, but I imagine that in April we will have more information on the return of Justice. With a little luck, the whole job will not wait much longer. Thanks to Emilio for the warning.

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