Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Placido Domingo in Mexico confirms its 70 years is still "king" (+ photos)

Mexico, March 30 (EFE) .- A Mariachi and dressed in traditional charro suit, the Spanish tenor Placido Domingo showed tonight in Mexico City at 70 years is still "king", as proclaimed in the famous song Mexican composer José Alfredo Jiménez. At the end of the emotional tribute organized by his seventieth birthday and commemorating half a century after its debut in a country he considers his second home, the artist took his side and played Mexican-charro hat in hand, three songs accompanied by a traditional group mariachi.

Not lacking in the magical evening another local tradition, singing "Las Mañanitas" to those anniversary, and they improvised the end of the show's musicians Mining Symphony Orchestra, led this time by Mexican Alondra de la Parra. More than ten thousand people packed the National Auditorium to hear a varied repertoire which zarzuela rhythms interspersed with musical pieces such as "West Side Story" and "My Fair Lady" and the sones of Veracruz "Huapango" by composer Juan Pablo Moncayo.

"Thank you all. Hope to see you here in my 80 "years, Plácido wanted in his farewell to an enthusiastic audience that was able to stand on numerous occasions. Accompanied on stage by soprano Virginia Argentina Sola, with whom he shared some duets, tenor Madrid acknowledged feeling a "huge thrill" to celebrate this 2011 its 70 years of life and half a century since its debut, which took place precisely on Mexican soil .

After playing "On the street where you live", Domingo said that he chose for his honor because he was frustrated his start in the art world, and contained as a backup in "My Fair Lady" and the singer owner, a friend of her parents, never missed her appointment. "then," he recalled was when a friend told me that would make an audition for the opera's Palace of Fine Arts (Mexico City), where it all started.

" But the linking of Plácido Domingo, Mexico is much deeper, as in the capital spent several years as their parents, married a Mexican and had two of their children. His selfless assistance to the North American country was developed in critical moments like the 1985 earthquake or hurricane "Pauline", when it held several benefit concerts and gave houses to the victims, among other things altruistic ", which has been consolidating the idyll keeping with the Mexican public.

"There can be," "Swear" and "Besame Mucho", put up much of the audience that his songs accompanied with Placido Domingo. "You are very good voice," admitted the singer. But the best came at the end of the performance when the public already in his pocket, he played with mariachi music in addition to the popular "El Rey" the equally famous works of José Alfredo Jiménez "Paloma Querida" and "She." However, the wording could not leave without delighting the audience with the legendary "Granada" by Mexican Agustín Lara, which was reclaimed from the stands.

When he left the stage after more than two hours of action, the spontaneous "Mañanitas" played by the orchestra and chanted by many of its fans excited to Placido Domingo was re-cite them to celebrate a decade in its 80 birthday. By: Antonio Soto

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