Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Joaquín Pascual concert in Oviedo (The Old Station, 26/03/2011): recital of wisdom

A whim, a hope, a way of sharing a celebration with friends, so many words could be used to describe the third anniversary of the Crystal Radio, an exclusive project of some friends from Oviedo to bring quality concerts to a city dire need of good music. And they succeeded: Joaquín Pascual made a hole in the approach to the border tour, a series of acoustic concerts in September from 24 March to 2 April, and Saturday was approached by The Old Station to offer a performance that could be defined as of wisdom.

Because he was the founder of Surfin 'Bichos, and alma mater of Mercromina, the group that came to heal the wounds left us Albacete after mixing, is one of the great sages of, pardon the label, indie State. Here there were no fireworks, Joaquín Pascual goes to the trapezoid-stage with a Gibson Epiphone and a list of songs that is showing as one who teaches the book of poetry to a friend.

Were 60 tickets that went on sale exclusively through an online platform that our partner knows well the lucky Natxo Sobrado and could take home a handmade edition CD, not venal, titled the tour, with two acoustic songs that will in its next eight solo demos of The pace of events. Joaquín Pascual on this tour has been presenting their new songs, some of them almost newly written compositions that I wanted to prove to your audience and what are for me the most glorious.

An hour or so, was what gave us a quiet word, telling stories about the gestation of the compositions, at that time was playing a handful of delicate songs, exciting, intense and, above all, beautiful, 'Three lives', 'The closest thing to a demon', 'reaction', it seemed enormous, 'Perspective', 'What is really important', 'Secondary Roads' ...

And some of the pace of events, that bull Last I must say that was the best published in Spain in 2010: 'A penalty shirt', which made me feel a smile on identified with it, 'Every day I have an accident' or 'union and strength' . For the encore, I was afraid I was not going to do, but pulled from memory and did, oh surprise, 'What makes the Heart', the latest album Mercromina.

In Madrid and Seville also rescued 'Evolution', another time it will ask.

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