Monday, March 28, 2011

Fans camped out waiting for U2 in Argentina

Buenos Aires, March 28 (EFE) .- One hundred U2 fans camped outside the stadium on the outskirts of Buenos Aires where the Irish band will be on Wednesday the first of three recitals in Argentina. Meanwhile, some 1,200 people working around the clock to mount the spectacular scenery of the concerts in the modern stadium in the city of La Plata, 60 miles south of the capital of Argentina.

After passing through Santiago de Chile, where the band delighted on Saturday to more than 70,000 people at the start of his Latin American tour, "U2 360", the Irish arrived in Argentina on Sunday for presentation on 30 March and 2 and April 3 in La Plata as it prepares to welcome tens of thousands of followers of the band.

Copada the city's hotel capacity of just 2,000 seats, the Mayor unleashed a campaign in which about 250 families registered to receive in their own homes to U2 fans. Armed with sleeping bags and tents, they prefer to queue in front of the stage of La Plata for the best place in the field.

More than fifty people from various parts of Argentina and even neighboring countries such as Uruguay, camping since Sunday at the gates of the stadium with flags and banners in support of the band. Inside the stadium, about 1,200 people work with cranes in the assembly stage, 360 °, named "The Claw" with a steel of 480 tons and 46 meters high.

The stage, which will allow viewers to enjoy the concert from any location, also has a cylindrical video interspersed with huge LED display panels, 198 light mobile machines and 47 smoke machines. The Irish will be presented in La Plata with the British Muse, recent winners of the Grammy for best rock album, opening for luxury.

Over 200,000 people enjoy the concerts, for which fans have paid up to $ 320 tickets. While final details of his presentation, U2 frontman Bono, enjoyed this Sunday night in Buenos Aires, leaving do in a popular nightclub in Buenos Aires. According to local press, to his Latin American tour the band requested from aircraft to high-end cars, 75 BlackBerry, 14,000 liters of liquid and 1,000 kilos of ice, among other requests.

This is the third time that U2 operates in Argentina, where he debuted in 1998 with three concerts and returned in 2006 with two concerts. After a stint in La Plata, the band will continue its tour of Latin America by Brazil and Mexico.

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