Monday, March 28, 2011

The Ginka in concert in Bilbao (19-03-2011, Azkena): pop-Abilly, kalimotxo and juvenile acne

The great discovery Ginka are my country so far this year, which seems to not share with too many if you stick to the 40 people who would be in his first concert in Bilbao. One of the band members told me that the previous day had been filled in Madrid. On this issue I would like to tell a couple of things that piss me off.

The first is the low acceptance with indie bands in this city, removing established names like Nacho Vegas or planets, most of the time the room is empty. It seems that the only thing that prevails here is the rock and metal and in the end the developers are not going to be forced to play it safe and not bet on such proposals.

Another thing I do not understand is how in the website of the room or the largest newspaper just announced a concert by James Delgado and The Runaway Lovers, making even the last moment doubted whether the Ginka had been canceled and if they do not, who the opening act for whom. Finally I heard the band's Facebook Pamplona his concert in Bilbao was still in place and on reaching the room I saw that indeed they were the main band that night, as was intended.

On second thought, it was the opening act they should not have passed that I felt embarrassed with local Santiago Delgado and The Runaway Lovers. I thought your film was the rockabilly and I found a trio too amateur to get on stage and with lyrics such as "Juan de Pablos the same taunts Elvis Marisol offers you" or "no longer carry or wear glasses, sunglasses because my eyes protects a thick flequillón "closer to La Trinca (although with less talent) than any other rock band.

At least I thank you from now on be very clear what was the worst concert of my life. Retumbarama Los Ginka knew, the most played vinyl in my house, this 2011, and little else. His grace has put a face to a band you've heard a lot of times and not even know how many are. I met four guys and two girls in front wearing the same (The Kasettes) all of them as normal.

Although it is true that the small size of the stage of Azkena not allow a lot riding show, the projection of videos made with cuts of images would have been great. The big question was to discover whether they would be capable of transmitting all the energy released his album because if so they could mount a big party.

Actually succeed and live are hilarious. Undershackers remind me a lot and TCR, bands that I really miss, and honestly, I do not know who are expecting all of our summer festivals to include on their posters. In its fall setlist fourteen tracks on the album, including versions of Antonio and Carmen and The Pantano Boas, plus some of their previous recordings Birra and Partridge: We are most ...

so what? and Ongi Ibili Pop - Abilly.

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