Tuesday, March 29, 2011

U2 is a band "of comedians," said Bono

U2 is a band "comedy" as Bono of U2 members "feel comedians who made the rock path," said Bono, the Irish band leader who on Wednesday offered the first of three recitals in Argentina. "I'm jealous because the actors took the role of former rockers, saying things that nobody said," he said in remarks published several Buenos Aires newspapers whose reporters were invited to lunch with the Irish band.

Our relationship is very consistent, we were friends before the band Bono and The Edge, who served as spokespersons for U2, said quetienen "great chemistry" with Argentina, where they have acted on three other occasions, and agreed that the band has spent 35 years together because it is made "by friends." Musicians confirmed that humanitarian activists group Mothers of Plaza de Mayo concert will take the stage on Wednesday that will give the city Estadio Unico de La Plata, 60 kilometers from the capital of Argentina.

"Our relationship is very consistent. We were friends before the band was professional again and after that was sustained over the years: the friendship has been our secret weapon," said The Edge. "What is revolutionary and advanced today is not the same as when we started. I think our band got a first album that was an ode to innocence," recalled Bono.

The artists stated that "the claw" gigantic mounted on the stage of the Tour 360 concert came up over lunch as they chatted "about anything" and took the forks "to build a structure," and said the singer. Bono said "the worst" of being a "rock star" is "shut up and try to live a place for quality" service hotel rooms.

"In Argentina we have chemistry and, as we are very curious, trying to understand why. We love this country for its beauty," he said. Hundreds of fans had camped out around the stadium where U2 will act as a thousand workers is busy getting ready for the presentation on Wednesday, where some 70,000 spectators are expected.

The visit of the Irish band has done that address the 2,000 hotel rooms in La Plata, capital of the province of Buenos Aires, so that city officials opened the city records in which about 250 families signed up to accommodate U2 fans.

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