Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If Radiohead do a newspaper, The Guardian makes 'Creep' by Radiohead

As we announced last Friday, yesterday during Radiohead were to promote the release of his new album, The king of limbs, that starting Monday, is in physical format in all stores (which are still open), with the cast of The Universal sigh (in New Zealand this website you can download), a newspaper that, while returns to claim the attention of the spotlight on the band from Oxford, is an original promotional strategy and a new object collector who is already in the homes of many fans of the group.

But the best part of this move is how it's been returned to the editor of The Guardian. Sensing that the group Thom Yorke invaded what they do best, in "legitimate defense" have organized a group looking for members between the editorial staff and have dared to make a version of 'Creep', the mythical first Radiohead single.

With an unusual (including banjo and trombone), the result can listen here. And I moved the question, are Radiohead best musicians working journalists of The Guardian? From here, I declare myself a fan of Radioeds (as have been called), and dropped the gauntlet: Hypersonic could do a better version?

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