Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nacho Vegas simplifies his speech with the dirty area

Make concessions, in his words, was one of the main objectives pursued Nacho Vegas during the creation of the dirty, Spaniard's fifth LP after this lucid and deeply religious manifesto called Disaster. Reinvention began cutting ties (not all) with Limbostarr, his record of a lifetime, and that nevertheless still admiring and defending, and forming Marxophone with Fernando Alfaro and Raul Fernandez, who incidentally served yesterday with opening act Refree and its peculiar song sung in Catalan.

After that, finished the play earlier this year published the highly anticipated album, the most concise and lighter than ever signed, the less intense and gritty of his career. At this point, the paradoxes accumulate. Assuming that Nacho Vegas locker belongs to the elect, of genius akin to the spirit and Lapido in this country or Steve Earle on the other side of the Atlantic, of those few musicians who are unable to burn a bad disc or pointless shocking that its share of popularity is at its peak just when section, voluntarily and knowingly, is everything that defined him and magnified him.

That is, the darkness, the drama, the turbulent digression. It also disturbs, a renowned chronicler of hell, his album more clearly framed in a breakup is the most relaxed and accessible. It is also true that everyone chews their losses as it wants, as you can, or leave him. With shorter hair than ever, as if something is also ballast could hold on to your normal hair, as if his plan would also require an aesthetic simplification, the passion of Mike Leigh and Aki Kaurismaki, the unwavering supporter of Sporting de Gijón offered a performance at the Circo Price in Madrid very much in line with the parameters of the dirty area.

Lovers of coherence due to float out of the enclosure. Dispatched, unless the human comedy, each and every piece in it. Even opened with When you get tired of me and ended with the Sonora Market, in the image and likeness of the album. Too many bows, too submissive, surely, for a race as large and delicious as that firm since 2001, since that involves piece of naive, timid and Inexplicable Acts wonderful call.

Immortal Michi Panero His tendency to always emptied his latest album and save a few older compositions, and in many cases always the same, it seems more marked than ever, as seen. Many do, it is worth noting, but not named Nacho Vegas, it should be noted. Thus, the man who almost met A Michi Panero reappeared, and the usual happened: the spirited and phlegmatic song Disappear Here was reduced to a pachanga, an indie festival.

Rehabilitation for the cause of Hell, as was the case for years Gang Bang, appears well settled in his review of Music Boxes difficult to stop his sinister creature, dense and murky, the undisputed nemesis Zone Dirty. This, however, sounded good, captivating, necessary. Will start raining or Song exhilarating Palace were other nods to the past.

But the most captivating moment of the concert, those little gifts that we like the scenery from time to time and justify the existence of a veiled and almost a lifetime, came to talk about Marlen, the overwhelming Talking About Marlen who registered more than five years, the sordid and bucolic narrative that distinguished both the first Nacho Vegas, and yesterday was shining and melancholy, enveloping, dreamy.

Unforgettable. And between them, it said, monopolizing most of the repertoire, the songs on the last album. The feeling is that two transcend this situation, which both have classic wood and vocation of eternity. They are called The Big Joke Taverners Final. Needless to say, the panel, after the exhibits displayed in the Manifest Disaster tour continues in a state of grace, beautifully assembled, Abraham Boba emphasis on keyboards and Xel Pereda, the architect of this extraordinary record of Luke 15, on guitar.

The latter, of course, and when said final cut psychotic dying after a jam, threw his guitar down and left visibly upset. That feeling did not exist in the audience. But if you miss some, perhaps a bit of ballast and melena.

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