Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Julio Ruiz: Forty years of passion for music

"This will be me the interviewee is a bit weird," says Julio Ruiz. For once, the roles are reversed. The occasion deserves. Large disk, the program dean of Spanish music radio, turns 40 on the airwaves. To celebrate, the veteran announcer on Sunday held a big party with some of his listeners. And he did, how could it be otherwise, on the air.

You can feed themselves on the Web, but always appreciate the authoritative voice of those who say "this is very good," Although the years do not go in vain, the chief ideologue of large disk still faces the challenge of each day sitting in front of the microphone "with the same enthusiasm that this boy of 18 who one day stood in front of a console playing records to try to stir the listener's tastes." Today nobody doubts that he succeeded.

During the seventies gave vent to the foreign bands that did not come easily to the Spanish public. In the eighties was instrumental in the growth of groups like Radio Futura, Nacha Pop or The Secret. In the nineties became the major catalyst of native indie, giving the ultimate accolade to bands like The Planets, El Niño Gusano or Dover.

And in recent years has done the same with groups like Delafé Y Las Flores Azules or Layabouts. Become a landmark, is clear what is the secret to continue to soldier on: "Follow emocionándote every day." The vocation to continue discovering new proposals is the essence of a large disk that is rallying the faithful to the transistor.

Julio is clear that the radio medium has an assured future in front of the arrival of the Internet: "It's always a guide. You can feed themselves on the Web, but always appreciate the authoritative voice of those who say 'this is good'." And speaking of the future and good music, what will be the next indie sensation? "The Bright will be very large-predicted.

But it is very possible that this large group of 2011 is now doing the demo in their rehearsal room." When the time comes, it will be there in July to give them the support they deserve. Radio 3 RadioCadena a big Disco started off March 27, 1971. He did so in the former Spanish RadioCadena station, from where he went to Radio 4 and, finally, to Radio 3.

Today is broadcasted on public radio Monday through Friday from four in the afternoon.

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