Monday, March 28, 2011

Mr. Chinarro video for 'The Love Boat': the pleasure of sinking

A Antonio Luque he looks happy, colorful and optimistic, while the April 4 is presented to the President, the title of which is her eleventh studio album and we know his first single 'The Love Boat' and Aller video directed by Ramón Casanova. In this song we did not find any trace of Mr Chinarro we all know, seems to have thrown over the side to the band from Seville and density that characterized his works and come back rejuvenated, more direct, with catchy choruses and a lot more animated Is not We always complain about those who spend their lives doing the same? Like any change difficult to accept it and have to wait to hear the full disc.

To me honestly the first time I heard it left me so confused that at times I thought I was listening to Nixon or something. With listeners have won something but I still think is not among their best songs. What I have clear is that his new album will be more fun than Ronroneando with which probertoj and Andrew Milleiro not agree.

Do we come face to face members of this blog again?

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