Sunday, March 13, 2011

Alexandra Stan and phnomne dance "Mr Saxobeat"

Dance phenomenon this winter, Alexandra Stan has really caused a stir in all the clubs in France and among the best-selling dance of the season 2010-2011. With the song "Mr Saxo beat, we discovered a new star blonde dance came from Romania ready to compete with panache and talent meet Inna, dark priestess of dance music to dance truste sales since the summer of 2010 with his hits "Amazing", "Deja Vu" and more recently "Sun Is Up." Alexandra Stan Will she dance the same phenomenon? In any case, it is clear that this young lady, born in 1989, has the means.

Simple and effective, with a simple chorus very catchy, the friendly "Mr Saxobeat" quickly gained a popular audience waiting for lightness. "Mr Saxo beat" is a real talisman for Alexandra Stan but it is also the most successful song around a concept of dance track with a sax which had begun to work with producers Stan with Alex Song "Lollypop".

Indeed, behind the success of Alexandra Stan lies Maan Studio, this production company based in Romania, like Play & Win, the studio is trying to create the future dance hits of tomorrow. For now, Alexandra Stan has only three songs to his credit, "Mr Saxobeat", "Lollypop" and "Show Me The Way".

If no information has filtered through yet another single potential or the arrival of a new album, Alexandra Stan continues to conquer Europe to Russia, a country that also reserved a warm welcome to the melodies of this new star dance music. Alexandra Stan also paves the way for new artists Maan Studio.

New artists could be presented to us as soon Ryah and the song "Feel" or Chris Thrace and the song "Lily Face" whose spirit is no exception to the rule established dance hits for Alexandra Stan. Finally, we do not resist to show you the video clip of the song "Mr Saxo beat" Alexandra Stan strongly on!

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