Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reasons Britney Spears Christina Aguilera continues to outperform

The artistic life of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera can not live without each other. Both released their first studio album in 1999 and, inevitably, was compared to the other and vice versa. Today, critics of the U.S., relocating to one against the other coinciding with the release of Spears' latest, Femme Fatale.

Who is victorious? It seems that Britney. For over a decade, dominating the pop world to the point of being described as 'princess' (and heir to the 'queen' Madonna) was Britney Spears. At 29 years, all critics agree that its pull is still such that it costs nothing to rise to No. 1 in the album charts, while their rivals have to struggle every day to remain in senior positions.

"Britney had great success in his day, but with her new single, Hold it Against Me, it is clear that the intention is that the product lasts a long time, and that the public has been giving massive support again," says Monica Herrera , Billboard. com, adding that "people find the nearest Britney songs and easy to sing and also it has improved the dance shows at their concerts, in which is involved personally." Hold it Against Me was quickly located at the top of the lists, as happened with Circus in 2008.

By contrast, the latest album by Christina Aguilera, Bionic "has been a big disappointment, since only managed to sell 110,000 copies in its first week of sales, similar to what happened to Jessica Simpson, who could not overcome the position 123 in the charts, "Herrera continued, in an interview on Fox where Britney loses much ground to Christina Aguilera's vocal level.

"Aguilera is obviously a better singer, but Britney has her best songs. Spears works with top producers, composers, even your videos are better," says music expert David Schulhof, who adds that "the fans do not care Britney does not sing as good as Christina. " In terms of sales and touring, Spears supremacy remains unquestioned.

Has sold 100 million records, double Aguilera. The tour "Circus" was the third most money raised in 2009 (54.8 million) just behind AC / DC and Fleetwood Mac and leaving the music aside, the experts also agree that personal problems Spears also made the public see it as a more close, even with which to identify.

At the moment it is early to compare, since virtually Lady Gaga just step in and Britney, despite all the personal problems that has happened, is offering a product that works like a charm after a decade of success. Time will tell.

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