Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mike Starr dies, original bassist of Alice in Chains

Mike Starr, original bassist of Alice in Chains, was found dead by police yesterday at his home in Salt Lake City. Details on the death of the musician have come to light, and in any case I do not think are as important now. Starr had 44 years of age. Alice in Chains - Rooster (YouTube) Its only outstanding contribution to music after it was collaboration in the super-Sun Red Sun, which was active just a year.

From here Starr knew only tarnish his name in the program Celebrity Rehab, deplorable American reality television celebrity who go to detox, and a recent arrest for drug possession. His former teammates, who managed to recover to another high-profile death in the heart of the band as that of Layne Staley, always showed their support for Starr managed to regain a normal life, and repeatedly thanked the tremendous work he did in his time within Alice in Chains.

But once again the damn drugs taken us a talent that could have given more of himself.

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