Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Swimmer video for 'Always': the graphic definition of own group

2010 was undoubtedly the year of the consecration at the national level of the Galician swimmer, whose Light Dark Light is claimed as one of the best teams of alternative pop country (for Hypersonic, 10 th best album of 2010), with a disk on which the production of Fine Oyonarte took them all the performance and some influences that surfaced, but never disguised, this time did not bother with layers that cover the seams shoegaze, post-rock noise or the Song contributed.

The video, like a road movie, it combines the typical direct images of the group, sound tests, and all those moments shared bugger off in a van, but, in my opinion, represents exquisitely in black and white the essence of the group: the longing and melancholy well understood, the force and intensity as to stir emotions and the smell winter songs that go straight to the marrow from the cold waters of O Grove.

A delight to clip one of the most successful songs of the history of the group but, personally, it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth: the video does not seem to have a tone of dismissal, and the closing of an era? Am I alone?

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