Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adele singing 'Set Fire To The Rain', his new single live

Adele has a gift, and is composing the discs by the time passes like a trim of the qualities they already had and a discoverer of new attributes that are surfacing as they allow to settle. 21, their second album and directly responsible to elevate the British to the heights where it belongs, has sold nearly three and a half million copies worldwide.

Week after week we have seen in a number of multiple charts, from albums to the singles, where we already found three issues as the top of a pine, 'Rolling In The Deep', 'Someone Like You 'and now is playing as such simple tasks, the master' Set Fire To The Rain '. As I always say to me as an artist is directly proportional to their skill in live, and in this area is a winner Adele cream.

Far from baroque embellishment or unnecessary instrumentation possible, and without ever take the question of whether this is a direct false, the singer takes the stage and is marked as unique and successful performances such as that made his last single in the program Graham Norton. If the disc and it was one of the best songs on the tracklist, live to enjoy it is almost impossible given the rate at which entries flying.

We must give thanks once again to the television programs that provide a suitable platform for this type of action - more than one group is forced to play due to lack of media playback. Little more can be said of an artist of this caliber. She speaks for itself, as they always have the largest.

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