Friday, April 29, 2011

APRS the "wedding of the century," an evening "royal"

And voila! marriage "of the century" that the world was able to watch live is over. The two married, William and Kate will therefore finish this important occasion with a beautiful evening. After receipt of the afternoon, the evening the royal couple looks rather like rock for the guests handpicked. The evening is hosted by the groom's brother, Prince Harry.

He settled the details of the choice of DJ for decoration. The Buckingham Palace has surely never known such an upheaval. Besides music, the royal couple held in the presence of some artists. William and Kate, are fans of rock music and it seems that the opening of the evening is given to the singer Ellie Goulding who will perform the song Elton John "Your Song".

The choice of "Your Song" is not quite innocent to the couple. This new interpretation of the title highlights the breadth of talent Ellie Goulding for which William and Kate have a low. Ellie Goulding has imposed his style on the British music scene with his debut album "Lights", published in 2010.

In France she is best known for his single "Starry Eyed." December 7, Ellie Goulding just reissued its debut album "Lights" in a new version renamed "Bright Lights" which contains also the cover of the song "Your Song".

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