Monday, April 25, 2011

SGAE raised 365 million euros in 2010, 7.7% more than previous year's figure

The total for the General Society of Authors of Spain (SGAE) in 2010 rose to just over 365 million euros, 7.7% more than in 2009, when it gained almost 345 million euros. Of that number, SGAE spent last year to social income, which is shared among its members, 341.2 million euros, 5.8% more than the 316.9 of 2009, which again social income grow after two years of decline.

In 2008, distributed among its members 333.9 million, down 11% from the record high attained in 2007, more than 377 million euros, as explained in a press conference in Seville President of the Board of SGAE Eduardo Bautista. "The year 2010, without being a good year, has returned to the path of sustained growth until the year 2007," Bautista, who has described as "comforting fact" and has increased economic crisis blamed for the drop in revenue the years 2008 and 2009.

2010, without being a good year, has returned to the path of sustained growth through 2007 Despite the increase in 2010, Bautista admitted that the SGAE is located on 2006 figures, when their social income were almost 342 million euros. The average growth until 2007 will not resume until 2015, once the strategic plan, according to Bautista, who hopes that "the laws governing the discharge systems (Internet) further clarify the picture." Bautista assured that the administration costs have been reduced SGAE 0.5% annually, so that lie at the 14.55%, but became 27% of their income.

According to data provided by Bautista in 2010 perceived compensation for the use of their works 163,858 holders of rights, of which 33,277 were members of the SGAE. In 2010, the year in which 3,143 were discharged new composers, the SGAE was composed of 100,108 members, of which 91,051 were authors, 1,903 publishers and 7,154 heirs.

Last year there were 550,500 in the SGAE new musical, visual or performing arts, and, for example, only in Andalusia recorded a daily average of ten works. Bautista has influenced the social activity of the SGAE and gave as an example, soft loans or returned without interest to 1,557 members for a total of almost 30 million euros last year.

The President of the Board of Directors of the SGAE has described as "baseless criticism" sales to the opacity of the management of this company and pointed out that the report of the Agency for the Evaluation of Public Policies and Quality of Services ( AEVAL) certifies strict compliance with current legislation "by the SGAE and the" principles of effectiveness "that govern its management.

SGAE took last year representing 268 contracts with 142 foreign companies, 15.5% of their total authorship are women, 35,000 of the authors are under 40 years and 20,000 of its partners communicate with it exclusively by electronic means. Moreover, Bautista has said that the center "Arteria Al-Andalus" will open at the technology park of La Cartuja in Seville before the end of the year with an investment of just over 60 million euros.

This center will have a large room with a capacity over 2,000 seats and with the latest technology in Spain in entertainment and other facilities for creators and artists.

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