Friday, April 22, 2011

Bart Davenport - Bart Davenport Searching For: exceptional selection

The Californian singer returns to bring us an interesting collection of songs in which is his fifth solo album, Searching For Bart Davenport, but this time instead of original songs includes a series of songs he has been playing live and / or choose what you prefer, have influenced his career. For those who do not know Bart Davenport must be told that was part of The Loved Ones and The Kinetics, and that is still the singer and member of Incarnations Honeycut.

His solo career has been marked by interesting albums released its eponymous debut in 2002, or Palace, before this new release that comes to Spain via Green Ufos. Despite the diversity of sources, Searching For Bart Davenport is an acoustic album, stripped of all artifice, sincere and exciting, with several moments absolutely delicious.

There are folk, jazz and world music, indie pop and even passed through a sieve own Bart Davenport has been used to seize these 12 songs and making them entirely his own, something quite difficult to do with the weapons of his voice and a guitar collection , each tuned in pitch calling each song.

Bart Davenport says in the promotional sheet of this CD that many of the songs he plays live sometimes forget whether or not their own. There, he reveals, is where it ends and begins the singer songwriter. And in both arenas that of California appears to be an upstart. As a tribute to his heroes the album starts with 'Come On, Let's Go' by Broadcast, leaving a skeleton that serves as a reminder to the missing Trish Keenan.

Nothing but starts sounding the theme that was in the single year 2000 to the British ear begins to sharpen. And then it 'Cayman Islands' Original Kings Of Convenience, with whom Bart Davenport shared the tour Quiet Is The New Load, and one falls surrendered to such beauty, but this was not difficult because the subject is a marvel.

Perhaps the least I fit in all the aroma of Brazilian tropical, "Maria Bethania" by Caetano Veloso, and the version of 'You Get Bright' of the hippie-folkie of the Incredible Stringband, she heard her mother at home. Sandycoates Davenport discovers that we are nothing more than an alias of Greg Moore, The Moore Brothers, alone.

And just for that will have to keep track of their discography. The same thing happened to the British singer Bridget St. John, which rescues an old hit, 'Autum Lullaby', her debut in 1969 Asking Questions. One of his idols was always Arthur Lee and Love that can not be missed in this selection.

This departs from the obvious and check 'Wonder People (I Do Wonder)', an interesting outtake of Forever Changes. David Byrne also appears in the selection, pizipierta optimistic 'Everyone's In Love With You', from their album Look In The Eyeball, which has already had other versions such as Steve Earle & the Dukes.

Saying that is as good as the original denotes my passion for Bart Davenport. Getting into another story is introduced in the technique of hand fingerstyle Scottish folkie Bert Jansch and 'Ramblin's Gonna Be The Death Of Me'. With 'Blues Run The Game' by Jackson C. Frank does an experiment which he defined as folk rock or acoustic mash-up, as it mixes with 'Kid Ivy' by The Moore Brothers.

In 'In The Dark', The Changes, we touch the nerve with the misty love story, and closes this gem, which for me is already one of the best popular music albums of 2010, 'Better days Ahead 'by Gil Scott-Heron, another musician to Bart Davenport header, which recommends all his works, which are not few.

Here he says he sings without affectation that often used. I hope that from now incorporate into their concerts.

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