Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Extremoduro show the cover defects in materials and give us a preview

Not yet had time to be trending topic on Twitter but tomorrow is likely to be. The network is now boiling after filtration of the cover, listing single items and defective material advancement, the new album by Extremoduro. Finally be published on May 24 via Warner Music in three formats, namely, vinyl, CD and digital album and will include six issues that can already be heard on its website a juicy advance: go more or less than 8 minutes of 'Tango suicide', the fifth song on the album.

The cover is very Extremoduro: a guy with a goatee and hair wet with bare-chested and holding onto a fence. A beautiful artwork that will look further into the 12 "will go on sale and will end in the blink of an eye as happened with The Law Innate. Tango on suicide must be said that entry does not appear to surpass what Robe Iniesta and his colleagues delivered to the previous album, a masterpiece from beginning to end.

Particularly striking is the careful production of Iñaki 'Uoho' Anthony and the number of arrangements that have: very present those keyboards and saxophones, and changes of pace that the song also shows that 'symphonic' already present in his previous work. Course to be another concept album with 6 courts and 43 minutes you will have to listen for a full overview and more wise.

But I liked the input and the letter has the best mark of the Robe. One of the most anticipated albums of the year Spanish and I do not let us down Extremoduro. Here is the list of defective material issues: Now we shall count that you think of this development. I'm already counting the days remaining.

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