Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kylie Minogue: "We Are One" with Verbal and an EP 6 tracks

Double news for Kylie Minogue. The Australian will publish beautiful, May 3, 2011, a new EP around his show "Aphrodite: The Folly's Tour 2011" and then next week is the turn of a collaboration with rapper Verbal Japanese for a song charity for the benefit of Japan, entitled "We Are One", to be published in early May 2011.

To honor the many victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan March 11, 2011, the singer and rapper Verbal, very famous in Japan, along with Kylie Minogue, will unveil "We Are One" whose profits will be donated to benefit victims of natural disasters. Both artists have enjoyed a recent visit to the beautiful Australian Far East to record the song "We Are One." Kylie Minogue and Verbal have good awareness by promoting a campaign for donations to UNICEF Japan.

While his world tour "Aphrodite: The Folly's Tour 2011" continues, Kylie Minogue will release 3 May 2011 a new EP featuring six songs recorded during his visit to the BBC Live Lounge "and during a concert in New York In October 2009, when Kylie Minogue has interpreted the formidably hit "Confide in Me".

In this EP, fans also find a booklet with sketches of his various official stage costumes and a short film depicting the making of the show titled "A Day In The Life" Here's the tracklisting of the EP with 6 pages booklet PDF with the official costume sketches: 1 - Can not Get You Out Of My Head (BBC Live Lounge Version) 2 - All The Lovers (BBC Live Lounge Version) 3 - Get Outta My Way (BBC Live Lounge Version) 4 - Better Than Today (Live in New York October 2009) 5 - Confide In Me (Live in New York October 2009) 6 - Short film "A Day in the Life"

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