Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mona Lisa: "From Jay" novelty rnb

Hey Dee-Jay! Here's a new r'n'b happens in force on U.S. radio. The song "From Jay" Mona Lisa, a duo of young ladies, come on many FM stations and already seems to get a good reception of their listeners. Also available for download on the main European hubs, "From Jay" is a title very bubbly, to discover now listening on the radio.

Mona Lisa, is a duo of Jojo and his sister Wo. This new pop group comes at this time on U.S. radio and presents their new song titled "From jay." The twin sisters have some talent and the California independent label Flying Pig Production "does not make a mistake. Instigator of the "Internet buzz" Rebecca Black singer of "Friday", described as "the worst song in the world," the label had another opportunity with the duo MonaLisa.

Originally from Texas, Jojo and Wo began singing at an early age. Self-taught in singing and music, Jojo and Wo play the piano, guitar and drums. Their mother, who noticed their talent has left the city of Houston with her daughters to go to California, the state of the American West where anything is possible.

Upon arrival, the two sisters made a notable appearance in the television show "American's Talent" and soon Jojo and Wo were selected to sing with Kelly Rowland 'Clash Of The Choirs. " The two ladies also participated in films by Mike Jones "Just Dance" and "The Americian Dream." In 2010, Jojo and Wo take a stage name.

Mona Lisa was born. A group name that seems to bring good luck to the duo. Mona Lisa has already done the first parts of Alicia Keys and The Pussycat Dolls. In early 2011, the manager of the Flying Pig Production ", Joe Bilotta commits the two sisters and offers recording a debut single called" On the jay.

" A first primer to the duo's musical career Mona Lisa is preparing for their first studio album with producer Markus Jay. The producer has published on its official website, drafts of songs that could be used on the future of the group Opus Mona Lisa.

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