Monday, April 25, 2011

Souvenir - Travelogues: electronic games

Usually veterans groups that have managed to evolve a radically site (well, or substantially only) other than the departed, the group's fans end up choosing a time (usually one in which they met and became enamored of the group) and tend to look, but with opposition, with some reluctance to "other." In this case, the path it has set electropop group differs from its origins, and there is some tendency to be decreasing or, alternatively, by masking the French connection in his music.

Without abandoning the entire language of the other side of the Pyrenees, "in a progression among the most danceable hit and more ambient displayed the tremendous 'Arrêt-Toi', suggestive and growing 'Peintures de Guerre' and the sophisticated elegant 'Coup de coeur'-growing primacy of immediacy and the Anglo-Saxon pragmatism, perhaps best vehicle (at least more natural for how we used the ear) for direct and hedonistic songs, but also more mainstream, facilitating compared with other groups and losing a differentiating factor.

Anyway, what premium over stylistic and linguistic change is the safety with which it can be played on every issue with what they ask, your versatility and diversity in the arrangements, the exquisite production that permeates the entire album , and that sense of perfect topped each piece, having managed the resources and skills at their disposal to get playback on what we had in mind when composing the song.

Souvenir - Dance it Away (Youtube) It's nice to see how it may sound attractive and stimulating to what lies ahead with the initial 'Whispers in the night', and ethereal and dispersed as a farewell album (on the hypnotic 'Mots'); or how they can separate their more accurate and disco hits (huge 'Dance it Away "," Arrêt-toi', or irresistible - and very close aO Raveonettes, 'Taboo') with the more ambient, downtempo, minimalist and 'Sinking stone 'or' Coup de coeur ', but maintaining throughout the album, the essence of the best electro and synth-pop, rock rags, indietronica, and house.

In short: dance pop. It's an album that in everything he does, shows ability, imagination and determination, but perhaps lacks that little bit of hook that makes him an outstanding album. May prime the plasticity and aesthetics on the emotional, and the technique restricts certain outlets outside the pot (the most consistent: less sensual and more visceral, less subtle and more obscenity), but welcome all jobs are as solid and well worked like this.

And come to think of cold, have little to envy to other groups like Goldfrapp or Vive la Fête, apart from the impact.

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