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Nacho Vegas in concert at the Teatro Jovellanos (Gijón, 04/16/2011): talent, talented

Nacho Vegas is a prophet in his land and from the beginning, when presented in the theater closed Quiquilimón, near Public Works, his debut album Acts Unexplained (Limbostarr, 2001). So I get a little laugh when some bands and artists say that home is not very dear. As well Paskual Igor told me recently in an interview: "If we do not succeed with Babylon chat was because our songs were not good enough or because it interesábamos the public." This powerful phrase can be applied to many whiners who look askance at Nacho Vegas indie calling it shit, jealous of their success.

Video | YouTube never had it easy and his career since leaving Manta Ray has been a mountain road with many curves and precipices. May have had help from specialized music press, for his former band was very popular in those forums, I also accept that you might fall into grace and had the luck that tips the scales, but luck is not only sought, and Nacho Vegas was there.

All this introduction comes at the expense of Nacho Vegas concert she gave on Saturday 16th April at the Teatro Jovellanos. The Spaniard singer returned to fill the coliseum in the town of Jovellanos in the same way as it had done in early 2009 to submit the manifest disaster. Nacho Vegas Gijón again with even greater aura of rock star independent state and a new album, The dirty area, which came out in the charts, these formerly distorted.

An achievement for a star who left the label Limbostarr, with whom had been working since his first album, inexplicable acts, and created his own record label, Marxophone associated with Raúl 'Refree', Fernando Alfaro and his management agency, I 'm an Artist. Video | YouTube not seem to have gone wrong with Nacho Vegas, we can say out loud, not a cult artist but a serious contender for status as a singer hired by a multinational company, now is the height of a Enrique Bunbury, gave us the good times.

Vegas sweeps wherever it goes and have hung once again there are no entries in many of the concerts on this tour: Sevilla, Barcelona or Madrid, makes it even more unattainable. Just over two years without coming to the city and Nacho Vegas was not the same. I remember that January afternoon he was very moody, nervous too and just communicated with the public.

I must say that I prefer that Nacho, the most dramatic, the most gruesome, which just shows some glimmer of optimism to understand, the Nacho Vegas' die or kill. " Instead, the Saturday in April this seemed like another artist, another singer of the indie troubadour transmuted state to the public yet it still idolizing.

Nacho Vegas creates home supporters and fans became clear that he still loves. He claimed his presence on stage from the stalls and arena long before it was ready and was like an explosion when he and his band showed up to the 21.25 h. Competed against a Madrid-Barça but Nacho Vegas won by a landslide and football lost to the art.

Video | YouTube A great backdrop, illuminated at appropriate points as if coming to life, reproducing the paintings of Adolph P. Suarez, who illustrates the cover of the dirty area tucked into the band, and gave an air of theater to the stage coffee Gijón. Nacho Vegas had won before going on stage, he knew it and his band too, and all jelled an outstanding performance, those who say they create fans.

He shining, tad nervous to reunite with so many acquaintances, relatives, friends and even family, but with a repertoire that argue that barely had a loophole that put a complaint. Purists they missed an issue of Unexplained Events in 2009 ended with a spectacular version of the autobiographical 'The Angel Simon', which every time I think it makes my hair stand on end, but he made it clear that came to advocate a hard transition as the dirty area, which is on track even more on the way to glory and that after listening to live I'll give you one last chance.

This new album rescued nine of ten subjects, was left in the inkwell 'Human Comedy' but it would have been equally well among the seventeen songs that ultimately gave us. Nacho Vegas, which has finally consolidated a band of his own after the dissolution of the invisible spheres, should be a pride to have such exceptional musicians at his side.

He himself recognized when presented as' The plot of Asturias' just before 'I've lost. " Next to him, getting brighter Abraham Boba on keyboards, piano, accordion and vocals, simply outstanding, Luis Rodriguez on bass, which he defined as "newly migrated to Madrid and Tini Areces that [President of the Principality of Asturias] 'd say it's an urban legend "Manu Molina, drums from the first day, and Xel Pereda, confident, squire and a great guitar and mandolin.

It started with 'When you get tired of me', the same that opens his new job, and ended with the order gives: "The market for sound" in a brutal version in which the band seemed to be emptied completely. By the way apart from new tracks like 'Clock without hands', 'Fire', 'Perplexity', that the company de Mar and Alicia Alvarez de Pauline at the Beach, which also came before bis to sing "What we eat witches' and 'Taverners' and the single' The big joke final ', there were some classics.

Of the nearly two-hour offered stay with me 'Damn', the terrible story of Ezekiel who was on his second album, music boxes difficult to stop, 'Song of the palace # 7', with Xel Pereda on mandolin, or that exciting 'Song of the stranger', just acoustic guitar and voice. Yes, he did well in the encore 'The man who almost met Michi Panero', that everyone was waiting.

In the end, and with good commercial eye, we see that are your own boss, set up a merchandising stand in the lobby of the theater where it ran the boy swelled to sell records, shirts and other merchandising material. I became one of the 1,000 copies of the single on vinyl 7 "The big joke with the unreleased final 'an angel told me' on side B, which will run out on this tour.

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