Friday, April 29, 2011

Incubus video for 'Adolescents': maturity mismanaged

Incubus teens sing to the first single from If Not Now, When?, Their seventh studio album. Do not stop this election seem ironic, since for a while I have the feeling that the main evil that lacks this group is mismanaged maturity, which seem to have forgotten how much fun it was to make music as adolescents.

The album, which goes on sale next July, and is circulating the Web from a few days ago, although I have not had the time or desire to get to him. To convince me, with eleven issues will have to show something more than desire that this 'Adolescents', deep gray colorful compared to what they have come to be the compositions of Incubus.

The black and white tone of the video and single cover him going quite well, actually. Had not discussed here the list of topics including If Not Now, When?, So I leave it below. As I said there are eleven tracks, with a total of fifty minutes of music.

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