Saturday, April 23, 2011

Katy B - On A Mission: electronics simple and addictive personality

Katy B has a history, at least, peculiar. Graduated from the University of London in popular music by the faculty of Goldsmith, one of the most traditional schools in England at the time to contribute to the arts and especially music, this 21 year old got his name were of word of mouth through the streets of the English capital thanks to the work of Rinse FM, the largest pirate radio station in the city until finally in 2010 got a legal license.

With such disparate backgrounds, their first album, On A Mission has immediately become one of the best sellers in the United Kingdom and gradually has spread mainly by the rest of Europe. Katy B's mission seems to be marked with this debut, to carry the flag and dubstep for the basic use of other styles that is mixed in several courts, is achieved almost from the first stop on the tracklist.

This is not another album of electronic trading, though not without elements for success in this category, but a review of what we raised in the day bands like Saint Etienne or Everything But The Girl, seasoned with a sound much more mature than usual and that incorporates touches of the more independent electronic scene.

Some have taken to review this album five-headed hydra, quite rightly in my view. As already commented, the main challenge of Katy B on On A Mission has been to extract from each gender that could best adapt to this album and every song. We can find garage, R & B, drum'n'bass rave and more specifically, and house, without ever fully exploit each style, but rescuing the most recognizable and adapting them to their personality.

For if the greatest achievement is to achieve this mix without falling into incoherence, is not far behind to have been able to put his stamp on a perfectly clear and without any time the sensation of being with a doll and two-dimensional pop manufactured in series. Video | Katy B - Broken Record (Youtube) As soon able to open the tracklist for 'Power On Me', written by her and Geeneus, the director of Rinse FM, a dye house and deep, dark and incredibly elegant, as marks a more raw halftime on 'Go Away', for me one of the best cuts on the disc but I doubt it reaches single viewing the list of songs played by the task, all the more club-friendly paint.

In this regard, the choice being made of two singles being tremendously successful. The first to open the list was 'Katy On A Mission', where the bass line and rhythm are highlighted and the full weight of the track and against which contrasts perfectly the voice of Katy B. Video | Katy B - Katy On A Mission (Youtube) The second single, 'Lights On', is perhaps the most attractive of the four that have been announced - 'Broken Record' and 'Easy Please Me' the following -.

In his encounter with the collaboration of Ms Dynamite, which goes like ring finger and has been the most high has arrived at its launch, occupying fourth position in the charts in the UK. Video | Katy B - Lights On (Youtube) The best thing about this is that summarizes the general outlines of the issues addressed by Katy B on the disk.

Far to complicate life with lyrics forced to call attention to what uncouth or unbalanced, English storytelling focuses on club nights, partying and the occasional slip loving no great importance. And there are times that it does not take Bécquer to compose letters of an album, just enough to have half a brain and a little common sense.

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