Friday, April 29, 2011

Fugazi preparing the publication of all their live shows for fall

That Fugazi are technically in a state of hiatus does not mean that its members have stopped working in the group. In fact as we speak long had a plan to retrieve your file live performances, an ambitious project we have had more detail with some recent statements by the leader of the band, Ian MacKaye.

As two years have been fighting with recordings on cassette, DAT and other archaic forms to update a huge database with thousands of live performances. Ensures that the work of editing and adaptation is still huge, but next fall plans to launch a website that includes at least one hundred concerts and then go to expand the catalog with about twenty new live each month.

Has not revealed details on how to distribute these contents, prices and other could have, but for now the idea deserves our full attention. And if they pass the full grace and made the machine work again Fugazi 100% to go on stage, the better.

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