Thursday, April 28, 2011

M-Clan, the big loser of a Music Awards spread between Rosendo and Serrat

The singer Rosendo, sometimes hard to get to the chorus, and Joan Manuel Serrat, with Son of light and shadow, have made the awards for Best Album and Best Song of the Year, respectively, in the fifteenth edition of the Awards Music will be delivered on 18 May in Madrid. The Academy of Arts and Science of Music has released a list Thursday of the winners of this edition, in which the Shica has won the Newcomer award for the album Supercop and the late singer Enrique Morente has been the award for Best Flamenco Album by Morente + flamenco.

M-Clan, which started with six nominations, only won the award for best sound technician group led by Carlos Tarque, M Clan, who was favorite with six nominations, had only a minor recognition, to get the prize Carlos Raya Best Sound Engineer for the album to not see the end of M Clan, as well as Dani Martin, who, with three nominations, has not won any prize.

In this edition achieved Rosendo also recognized for Best Rock Album as a performer and author, along with Rodrigo Mercado, sometimes hard to get to the chorus. Joan Manuel Serrat has won a second prize of 18 mini-movies as a performer, winning Best Musical Production Audioviosual. The Shica has made a second inspection of the item as an interpreter with dynamite, made by Elsa Rovayo, Fernando de la Rua, Hector Gonzalez, Luis Domercq, Miguel Rodrigañez and Paul Martin Jones, who has taken the award to the Author Disclosure.

The neighborhood, Macaco, has taken the award for Best Pop Album, while "People say, Kiko Veneno, won the Best Pop Album Alternative. The group The Planets has won the award for Best Rock Album Alternative, Next Month granted, and Mala Rodriguez the Best Hip Hop Album Dirty dancer. Kiko Veneno, Mala Rodriguez Planets and prizes were built with 'alternative' Award for Best Electronic Music theme was for Stay close, played by Delorean, the Best Album of Spanish Songs for 15 years, played by Pastora Soler; and Best Jazz Album for Piano Iberian, played by Chano Domínguez.

All streets, Zenet, has won the award for Best Album of fusion, while Country, Kepa Junquera, Best Traditional Music Album. In the section on classical music the Music Award for best author has been for Angel Illarramendi for 3 rd Symphony, the best performer Jordi Savall, Andrew Lawrence King and Frank Mcguire on "The celtic violin II" and Best Editing the classic musical "Duende" by Luis Serrano Alarcón.

The soundtrack of the film also rain, composed by Alberto Iglesias, has won the Best Album Banda Sonora Film Works, while the recognition for Best Artistic Producer for Suso Saiz has been for the albums Songs in ruins, Thursday, Picnic Pol extraterrestrial 3.14. The winning songs in the categories of Valencian Catalan, Euskera, Galician and Asturian have been the spring dansa, Maria del Mar Bonet, Don Inorrez of Bide Ertzean; Alala da noite, Berrogüetto, and Agora, Anabel Santiago .

As has been awarded Best Arranger Amargós Joan Albert, while the Best Music Video was awarded to Sooner or later, by Rafa Sañuedo and performed by Fito and Fitipaldis. During the ceremony of awards to be held in the Teatro de Madrid artery Coliseum and will be led by musician, composer and producer Javier Limón, is paying tribute to flamenco, recently declared World Heritage by UNESCO, and the singer Carmen Linares collect the Lifetime Award.

Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla and the International Festival of Cante de las Minas de la Unión (Murcia) will receive the Award for Broadcasting, and singer / songwriter Albert Hammond Gibraltar Latino receive Award of Honor of the fifteenth edition, in which the 28 winners were voted by authors and performers themselves members of the Academy of Music

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