Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Israeli singer Noa and Palestinian Mira Award: "We are united by war and humor"

Noa was born in Tel Aviv 42 years ago. Mira Awad is Arab-Israeli Palestinian origin and was born in Branch for 36. Both take hard and undertake a tour of China together with the claim that fighting hatred with music. We spoke with both artists. In Noapoles, his new album, pays homage to traditional Neapolitan music.

Why Naples? I started to sing Neapolitan songs for years influenced by my mother, who had a passion for this music. I recorded several tracks and the reaction of the Italian public was fantastic. We decided to make a record sung in the original Neapolitan dialect. Is there a connection between Naples and Israel? Yes Both have been wars, conquests and tragedies, and nevertheless remained optimistic.

And we also joined the romance and sense of humor. Noa is a name very biblical. Is it a religious person? No, quite the contrary. Over the years I've been moving away from religion, as I consider the main cause of global discord. Judaism is a culture rich in beauty and knowledge, but should not be taken as absolute truth.

What is the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East? Pride and religion. The pain and history. The memory and fear. Since Europe is hard to understand why there are more people in Israel demonstrate against the military occupation of Palestine. Is there a certain passivity among Israeli youth? I regret that more people do not go to the streets against the policy of settlements.

If there was a demonstration, would the first. At the same time, I regret that the Palestinians do not follow the lead of its Arab brothers and rise up against Hamas, which is firing rockets into Israel daily, killing innocents and destroying the few opportunities to achieve peace there.

For their second album, All My Faces, Awad has enjoyed the cooperation of the Spanish producer Carlos Jean. What does this album in his career and how he has been working with Carlos Jean? Is a new era for me. Working with Carlos has been amazing, because we created a fusion between what I had and the way you work, which is very different.

The Arabic and Spanish music, particularly Andalusian, have many elements in common. It's categorized as world music. Is not this a somewhat reductionist label? Absolutely. It seems that everything that is not Anglo gets there. So it could be world music rumba! (Laughs). Combine with other political songs more personal.

Hence the title. How many faces does a person? Endless. When you get older you realize that you are many people at a time. So I speak of love, friendship and other times I show more socially engaged. Singing their first single "We must remember what happened." Forgive is possible? Yes, but not forget.

We must learn from history. In the Middle East repeat the same mistakes over and over again. This is not a question of Jews against Arabs, but by extremists against extremists. Does criticism hurt by their participation in Eurovision? It was hard. Some said he was representing my country that kills people, and the others who did not want a Palestinian as the voice of Israel.

You feel in the middle, but it was a decision made with the heart. I am not representing anyone except myself.

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