Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Igloo - ∞ 3: consisting of consolidation at the right time

When a group is progressively burning stages and gaining a greater impact, one hopes that when it reaches that point of maximum attention to do your best work to date. Not always the case, because usually the interesting work of debut followed the "always difficult" second and third album, and is difficult to see trajectories in which a group maintains an ever-rising career, surpassing the previous artistic heights and expanding the fan base.

Precisely why I glad to see that the third album of the Igloo tag in their best, both as media label (after the opening act in two filled with Franz Ferdinand or The planets in their previous tour, or winning the Audience Award at the 33 UFI to Radio 3 in the II Independent Music Awards).

Although more or less already knew its most melancholy and melodic (in songs like 'The day I was alone' from his debut, and 'Across the Universe' from above the phase transition), this time shining especially this perspective on, across and along the power displayed in the 10 songs (plus one instrumental interlude) that make up the disk.

Demonstrate confidence, while its proposal hermetizar (hypnotic atmosphere, depressive lyrics oozing disappointment and rage), and condense a darker sound instrumentally and cohesive (Editors know Nada Surf and produced as The National), developing the themes transmitting feeling that the issues in each chorus burst, and the guitars drip with optimism or at least hope that everything that torments them will improve, as in 'nanomedical', 'Desastrología' or single 'Hundreds of reasons.

" Igloo - Hundreds of reasons (Vimeo) In this unstable balance between forcefulness and nostalgia we said, we have songs on one side where the bulk strength and take the initiative ("The perfect world for Kira ',' ELO 'or expansive 'Light Years'), and others in which the pause and proper care chilly but cozy atmosphere created (what you are supposed to be the definition of the construction given name?) as the crystalline 'Good times' the light 'partial absence' or the epilogue which is' V juice.

" If they had ignored the instrumental interlude, perhaps, of "Nina Kulagina ', would have approached a more rounded and full record of successes. Anyway, are not far away, and stick a quantum leap that would put them as the transition between melodic pop and intimate (Maga, The New Raemon, Pirates of the first stage, or what not, let us name Morla Vetusta) and fellow rock guitarists (Holywater) or ex-label mates (Jugoplastika), and as projects near or Nudozurdo Havalina, reaching a splendor that frankly did not expect.


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