Friday, April 29, 2011

Dance music XCIII

Watch the video at the original site. Gone are the holiday and little by little we had to return to pick up the pace. Some have not even finished it and we're still at half throttle, when we get a new "bridge." Surely we are not going to complain, but that no one finishes used to the monotony of always hard.

Thankfully, at least we have music and dance parties for the weekend, so everything becomes more bearable, and we give an overview of the electronics of the week now, also seems to medium gas, with few and very important news. We started with one of the great, the first single from Moby's upcoming album, Destroyed, we already have around the corner.

This is The Day, as you can see, and even has video, currado enough, the Angels, hospitals, slightly more famous actress ... you may be required to Uncle Richard. And to see what you think about it, readers of Hypersonic, which will surely know the last work of the Australian Cut Copy, Zonoscopy, the work done by none other than Carl Craig on his You Need Now.

Flawless as always, the result is another of his works of art techno, melodic and dreamy, but the lyrics of the song has been in little over 13 minutes that their production. Watch the video at the original site. Very different is the work of Toddla T, now that her album Watch Me Dance is about to exit the market, start promoting it on the basis of this retro sound Take It Back.

As you can hear the style of the late 80's and early 90's is very present in this new British production, and we love, of course. Watch the video at the original site. And we keep jumping from style to style, now reaching trance Chicane's new single, Going Deep, but this time we are surprised, and trance is just that, and that dares to mix it with a style as rare as rap, with producer / rapper Aggi Dukes British, resulting in a strange issue that may not captivate you at first, but after a few captive listeners and especially cool trance scene, which is not bad.

And sorry for the quality of the audio, but it's all there at the moment. Watch the video at the original site. Which seems to us is fooled Mason, that if you gave us a video for his current single, Boadicea, with Róisín Murphy. That, or we slipped a fake really, really worked like it was official, we now have a new, at least it shares with that of women take up arms: at least that's what inspired the title of this subject.

Watch the video at the original site. And for many is great news that, after having worked separately for a while, the brothers Driejer meet again to work on a new album that continued to give Silent Shout, last published date of their joint project, The Knife, and which dates from 2006.

Yet we have no sound samples, or tracklist or release date, but with this great news and all we need to respond to questions about them and their future that we all did. That if you can wait at least for early next year. Coming back to trance compilation have to remember the five celebrations throughout the world Armin van Buuren has been organized to celebrate the arrival to the episode 500 of his radio show A State Of Trance.

But to raise a few issues on 5 discs, and under the clear title A State Of Trance 500, the Dutch did not want to be alone and has pulled agenda, getting Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate and Andy Moor is come together, each taking charge of the tracklist and the mix of each of the disks, leaving them full of both classic original version on remixes and other latest and most recent issues, leaving a perfect summary of what has been the trance ASOT and during these 10 years.

And another compilation, but this much less extensive and not be viewed by everyone is Ed Banger: The Bee-Sides, a record label that Busy P has released vinyl 7 "with only 5 tracks, rarities unpublished all of them, like this demo of Civilization and Justice, on the occasion of Record Store Day and with only 500 copies, so if you interested, you can now start preparing money and wait for one of the 500 lucky owners of a copy decides to get rid of it, because if not, what are you going to be complicated, really.

Turning now to view festivalero, this week just a couple of notes: first, Aquasella give us back a consignment of names, which make it abundantly clear that this fifteenth edition of its commitment is to quality, his back to the mainstream and focusing on the more underground side of electronics, as shown on the bill be Erol Alkan, Derrick Carter, Hernan Cattaneo, Surgeon and Kevin Saunderson.

On the other hand, we have the surprising offer that makes us dream, bidding for 50 minutes on stage SónarCar clicking or lend the main stage screens in Galicia and Barcelona to issue the message we please, for 20 seconds. The auctions, of course be made through eBay, and each bid will start at 1 euro.

Now, what's it worth paying for click or not is up to you. Otherwise, tell you that we have a new edition of our particular Audioterapia, where you will find the best sellers in the major styles of dance music. And if you prefer to give you a virtual tour of our club, the session I chose for you this week came from the boot of Matthias Tanzman.

Watch the video at the original site. Continuing with our regular features in versions and remixes we leave to begin the review did the Chemical Brothers to Slow by Kylie Minogue, which left the issue of Australian perfect for clubs played in half the world. In addition, if you leave us your feedback, and can do it in a new edition of our Top, and if what you need is help with the weekend from Noctamina you the loan, both with ideas to enjoy your free time with us at last It's Friday and with another delicious cocktail, the Bloody Mary on this occasion, to enjoy before, during or after our weekend outings.

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