Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Astrud & Collectiu Brossa - The People: at the level of Super Mario Galaxy

Astrud have done with a small flip What's new in your career, maybe they needed it to remove laziness and to shake off the drowsiness. However, the best disc is the disc itself, but everything that has involved around it. For example, a magnificent concert tour, a tribute to both themselves and their fans.

For example (2): their videos. 'The Music of the superstring' and can not be imagined without the short film that put images, and likewise, 'The Popular, the song whose lyrics defined the disc can not be without the girl, remember? Without the floor, not Super Mario Galaxy without Genis (in robot mode or red mode) and without the director.

Even without the remake of the beginning of 'Europe'. To make matters worse, in the single 'The People' Genis and Manolo have used to give a return to 'There's a man in Spain who does everything. " To the core fans, fans of Astrud it is not possible otherwise.

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