Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Molotov release their first live album soon

Molotov plans to launch in a couple of months, his first live album, which would include its successes and would be accompanied by a DVD, said Tuesday to The Associated Press his bassist and vocalist Paco Ayala. The album entitled "From Russia with Love" includes about 17 hits, including "Gimme tha Power", "Frijolero", "Changüich the titties" and "Dog black farmer," the bassist of the Mexican group that fuses hip-hop with alternative rock and heavy metal.

The recording would be accompanied by a DVD compiled in the four concerts held last year in Russia, including its presentation in the city of Perm, who happened to be called Molotov, said Ayala. "They are very rare for a Mexican band has Russian name ... The people were amazed, 'These dudes (types) across the world have a Russian name.

It's like the name clicked with people, "Ayala told about the second time that traveled to Russia for concerts. But in terms of new material, fans of the group may have to wait until next year said Ayala. "Unfortunately, yes (they will have to wait.) We get very excited. Keep on working, writing, going to the studio every week, "said Ayala told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

"There has been lack of creativity but only now we get the live album." From Russia With Love "has a good atmosphere because the band was surprisingly well received despite the fact that most viewers did not speak Spanish in the two festivals and two clubs where they recorded parts, added the singer.

"It was a big surprise. There was very good feedback from people who did not speak Spanish and there he was, humming the songs, "he said. "We had a translator who was lost when we needed it most. We had no idea that if they said 'get out of here' or 'how come' or if we wanted. However, seeing people well lit (picture) was the only reference they liked the music.

" The band won two Latin Grammy awards, known for his songs with bad words and messages varied, is in the review of the final cuts and the selection of songs to be included in the DVD and he said Ayala . This would be the sixth studio album by the band, founded in 1995. The former was "Eternamiente, 2007, the year in which separated and rejoined.

In 2006 the song "Gimme tha Power" was featured in the film "V for Vendetta", directed by James McTeigue. Molotov will perform this weekend in Los Angeles, then will play in Guadalajara, Mexico, Germany and Spain. EJ TAMARA

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