Friday, April 29, 2011

Jennifer Lopez: "Love?" and "Hypnotico" by Lady Gaga

Before the release, Tuesday, May 3, 2011, the new album by Jennifer Lopez "Love? "The singer also reveals two new singles. First, as in the timetable of buzz, the single "(What Is) Love? "Has appeared for download and another from the album, the song" Hypnotico "written by Lady GaGa and RedOne has appeared on the Internet.

Only a few days for fans of J-Lo before purchasing the long awaited album "Love? . Since announcing the release of new album, Jennifer Lopez connects the singles. After "On The Floor" with Pitbull, "I'm Into You" with Lil Wayne, whose music video is expected to arrive next week, and the title "Papi," J-Lo has a delicious "(What Is) Love? "Produced by D'Mile already known for his collaborations with Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson and many others.

But the revelation does not stop there. A little surprise appeared April 28 on the web, the famous song written by Lady Gaga "Hypnotico. The fifth is from the album in the purest style of music from the author. Always produced by RedOne, the song has been emerged cartons. Indeed, "Hypnotico" has already had a life through the interpretation of other artists Initially, in 2008, "Hypnotico" should appear on the album "The Fame" Monster Mama.

"Hypnotico" was not ultimately chosen for the design of the album. "Hypnotico" will be given as an inheritance to the singer Tami Chynn, Akon muse who sang the title in a softened version on his album "Prima Donna", without really convincing. "Hypnotico" Will there a future hit for J-Lo? The fifth extract quite convincing, is a boon for Jennifer Lopez prepares us, especially at the finish, the album "Love? .

This new album 2011 will be available in two editions, one with 12 songs, 16 on the extended edition "deluxe".

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