Monday, April 25, 2011

Wilco announce new single and details of what is to come: a double album called Everybody Get Well Soon?

If Wilcoprometieron early 2011 that before the end of the year would return to hear from him, they begin to come true. Through its Facebook page, Wilco just announced they released a new single called 'I Might', planned for summer. In principle, this will be the first reference of Wilco's new record, dBpm Records, created by themselves and with the Edit self think the new album.

For now, shuffled the title Everybody Get Well Soon, much less stark and platitudinous than that Wilco (The Album) with which, for the moment, closed his career in 2009. In the single, to be released in mid-July, Wilco will also include a version of 'I Love My Label', Nick Lowe song you can hear over here in the hands of a Stiff Records tribute band called just like that, I Love My Label.

And no, this was not a tongue twister. Regarding his new album, Spin announced that, besides the title which we have mentioned, there are 20 songs the band is considering it and that it could even make a double album. As first details in the article Spin it comes to a few songs: from 'Art of Almost' as one that might like to Neil Young more experimental and 'Song for Jane Smiley's Boyfriend' to the alarming duration of 14 minutes!.

If all goes well, the end of September we can enjoy the new album by Wilco. New "old feelings? Hope so.

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