Monday, April 25, 2011

La Mala Rodriguez put his 'know how' the service of a new knowledge bank

The rapper Mala Rodríguez León work with the platform Comunitats. org, first bank of time and knowledge with their own project which will share experience and skills and has the backing of two other participants from Mexico and Bulgaria. The artist told Europa Press that it is a useful proposal for all, "you will like" and in which anyone can contribute.

This is my own business ideas are coupled with my experiences "dreams really are, it seems a bit utopian, but it's nothing, because my project is shared with other people, my own business ideas come together with my experiences, I know, and it's very nice to be shared with others, "he explains.

Mala Rodriguez, entrepreneur from a young-awakened his interest in music at age 12 and debuted with just 20 - he admits it is his determination and commitment that has put him where he is, especially in a world in which today dominated by male performers. That same impulse is what led the singer to join Comunitats Cadiz.

org, virtual network of knowledge sharing promoted by two Catalans with the aim of helping those who wish to start their own business and thus promote self-employment. Those who have doubts, which are cast aside for her, the bank, "which already has strength and is achieving great impact", is a "tool" for those who are not afraid to undertake.

"I think a person has to keep things clear and really want something to happen. People who are in doubt, I say they are cast aside and stay a lifetime wondering and thinking about what they could do . The people who are reluctant to take is better than out of the way, "he says. This young performer based in Barcelona, however, considers that there are many people his age willing to start their own business, as it has been proven over a career that has taken him to many countries.

In New York, Mala has seen how the residents of a neighborhood have created their own community to share knowledge of painting or music, take care of the environment or, in short, "doing something for a brother." In the Latin American Festival Vive Latino, the premier Latin music event in Mexico, whose last poster was part, he saw several spectators had decided to collect garbage for recycling.

"No one puts a knife in the neck, there are many who are involved and they are doing things, people who contact villages of Peru for organic cotton to make their own clothes, they also make a difference to those who go to China and working with people who are exploited, "she adds. Mala Rodriguez recognizes that daily life is a constant exchange, which is "natural." "Music has taught me to share, what satisfies me most is that it serves.

When someone you admire and feel represented by you, as happens to me with other personalities from the arts, it is because he sees something in him you, that is precious, "he says. For the artist, is "terrific" that transcends all the larger community, something useful happens, and why it has shown its willingness to share their knowledge Comutitats entrepreneurs.

org, but so far has not wanted to reveal what the project will be to register on the platform. "Join people from outside of Spain and that is costing us more planning and coordination," he insists. Along with this project, which will grow through the Internet, the Andalusian artist, who has just returned from a tour of Latin America, advancing a model working in their songs, some of them will be presented shortly, through their Twitter as " gesture "to all his followers.

"I think is best, fastest, is a gesture to everyone who follows us. If you know how to use it, Twitter is a tool that puts you in touch with the world, to people of Morocco without facilities may contact the rest of the world, "he remarks. Comunitats. org, created by two entrepreneurs settled in Leon, was born in 2010 in order to promote self-employment in a context where the economic crisis necessitates "more than ever" the search for new alternatives.

In four months of online operation, the platform was able to record more than 630 users, 172 exchanges and 42 projects. In January, the company complemented its activities with a project module to help entrepreneurs to "their ideas to life." In this module, anyone can register an initiative, business or social, and expose what needs to get it going, so other users can offer their services simply provide advice or make any comment, as indicated by the promoters from this website, Teresa Alvaro Kitts and Solache.

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